Our Services


As the ideal service provider firm we strive to offer our clients a comprehensive solution approach for all their property and real estate requirements. The services we render encompass the entire lifecycle of any property/real estate. From pre-conception (which includes property sourcing and design), construction (supervision and project delivery) to post construction (property management and maintenance).  Our services are divided into two broad business units, the corporate services unit and the project development unit. Below are the services we offer in both units:


Property Sourcing: At Istab properties we have an extensive network of property listings in several locations and for various purposes. We assist our clients in the Sourcing of properties to suit their needs and specifications. Be it short term lettings, property rentals or long term leases. Both home and abroad.

Property Investment: Property investment is at the core of our business services and our position is to seek out a wide array of choice and lucrative options located both at home and abroad for our clients to invest in, as such we are always on the lookout for viable investment opportunities that will give our clients excellent returns on all their dealings.

ADVISORY: Our advisory team offer sound and professional property advice in terms of property purchase and sales and even mortgage advisory.


Design & Construction (steel and concrete): We handle our clients requirement’s on a case by case basis and ensure every project is delivered to specification and efficiently delivered on time within budget and scope. Some of our projects include hostel constructions, residential developments and most recently a proposed mass housing scheme employing superior light weight steel construction techniques.

Project Management: Our in-house project management team are available to supervise and manage individual client projects using up to date project management tools as well as experienced personnel.

Property Management and Maintenance (post completion): After completion we also offer property management services for our clients to ensure that tenanted properties are fully functional and serviced.